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Richie Duncan. Hea€™s the chap you need to know, the guy that attending find a way out to help you conduct your targets when he was in it for the long haul along.

Richie Duncan. Hea€™s the chap you need to know, the guy that attending find a way out to help you conduct your targets when he was in it for the long haul along.

Ideal RatedA® Nationwide Banker & Section Boss

Along with 22 several years of encounter as an agent, part executive and banker providing property owners to all of 50 says, Richie happens the length with a a€?can-doa€? attitude, forcing your loan frontward any time other people have given all the way up.

Richie has actually run broker activity along with 100 workers, created millionaire mortgage officials, served shut down in $1 billion in financing volume, and taught business teams in the improvement sleek finance process these days in use within profitable billion dollar mortgage loan businesses, while constantly being within toppercent of loan originators in the nation.

As an expert in each element of home mortgages, Richie bundle their night full by aiding their personnel develop, his clientele find the finest funding conceivable and providing onward the new and biggest money systems to Magnolia lender for his customers.

Richie causes our One-Time Close Production unit, the VA funding department, our very own made Residence department, and our very own top home remodeling section. An actual pro in traditional, FHA, USDA and VA applications, the guy understands how to organize distinctive residence varieties through the domestic home loan discipline.

Hea€™s the person you need to know, the man whos attending pick an option so that you could generate your aims while he has it for all the longterm to you.

Richie known and referred to round the country as a top-notch generating loan specialist capable of write achievements for people who could have been previously unapproved or sick and tired of their particular final lending adventure.

Richie is actually goal and customer concentrated, in which he could make you chuckle, keep you totally knowledgeable and well informed during each step of the procedures.

Mixed with their main goods expert Saif Kovach, administrator Assistant, Kelly McDaniel, and New customers manager, Bert Mushlin, theya€™ll ensure you mix every a€?Ta€? and dot every a€?Ia€? so that you can get a clean, satisfying, and gratifying event.

Richie loves passing time at his breathtaking home with his wife Chanda with his 11-year-old daughter Alistair, and his 6-year-old sister Amrbielle.

Richie thinks that an electrical power smashing, every day, hour-long fitness procedure, and healthier family life brings your the drive as well as the strength to help make his or her job a proper love.

The guy seems toward assisting each client accomplish their certain loan targets, providing a 5-star program everytime, and guaranteeing your loan process produces a definite knowledge every step of the form.

Regardless if you are hoping to develop, Buy, Refi or Renovate, feel free to get in touch with Richie by text, phone, or e-mail, so he will react the minute the guy opens awake, 7 days a week!

3. The Roof cost nothing of leaks and any maintenance prepared contain washing away previous shingles with 3 or maybe more layers before swapping with brand new ones.

4. Attics and spider areas need natural air flow, access, include without particles and now have room enough to produce fixes to ductwork, power and plumbing work.

5. Group rooms or provided rooms categorizing semi-detached or line units haven’t any break from basics to rooftop.

6. Web site has actually the proper water drainage out of build and floor address is definitely firm; and so the residence shouldn’t be throughout the easement of high-voltage transmitters or gasoline or petroleum pipelines — if within 220 meters of a petrol or oil pipeline, added acceptance will become necessary.

7. Structure is actually seem, neat and clear of dry rot, decay, mildew, particular fungus, peeling coating, faulty windowpanes, awful construction, poor design, dampness, leakage, revealed wires, proof of continuing arrangement and termites as well as other bugs.

The VA MPRs need a house as free of dangers which can injured the occupants or restrict all of them while using and reveling in the home. For more info communications a VA sanctioned lender.

Prepared Shop for another Home?

The first step within the VA debt procedure is look for a loan provider. Most people result in the steps easy by coordinated you with over to five financial institutions for rate estimates – no obligations or debt checks desired.


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